The Role

Social Media Coordinator

Social Media Coordinator

The role of the Social Media Coordinator at tSMN is to manage a client portfolio of 20-24 clients from Setup to Execution of weekly content and advertising.

During your time in this position you will learn all there is to know about social media marketing, Strategy, techniques, tricks to boost engagement and create content across Facebook, Instagram and other platforms that will catch the attention of potential future customers.

As social media is constantly changing, the role is a very dynamic one, there will always be new software, websites and tools that we can use to make our efforts more efficient. And remember to have fun!

Account Management: Knowing Your Client and their services inside and out.

Client Setups

Managing Likes & Followers (growth)

Strategy & Direction (With enough exp, you will know immediately what your client wants)

Communication With Clients, chasing deals and photos

Ad Management

Working With Graphic Designers If You Need Creative

Always looking for ways to improve your content & keeping an eye on the competition

Problem Solving And Trouble Shooting

Working As A Team And Help Out When You Can

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