tSMN Social Media Coordinator Training – Understanding Social Media Marketing

Why Is social Media Marketing Important?

Statistics You Should Know As A Marketer

  1. 95% of adults aged between 18-25 will follow a brand on social media, So if you gain new followers, they have a high interest in what you do.
  2. 71% of customers who have a great brand experience on social will recommend it to others, this works both ways, if your clients have a great experience with you, or how you do your job on social media, they will recommend you to others. (#FunFact tSMN gets about 20-30 referrals a year).
  3. In 2015 stats showed there was a 52% uplift in online and offline sales due to Facebook presence. 2014-2015 was a big year for business to jump on social media. It’s now a staple in 90% of all marketing strategies.
  4. 81% of all purchase decisions are subject to social influence.
  5. Top brands on Instagram are seeing a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21% which is 58 times higher than on Facebook and 120 times higher than on Twitter – if done properly.
  6. 46% of social media users will unfollow a brand for posting too many promotional messages, that’s why we use the 3/2 rule with our posts.
Social Media Facts That Blow Your Mind

Did You Know:

  1. Only 2% of website visitors will make a purchase their and then. With “Re-Targeting” ads only social media you can covert 97% of those visitors in to sales. Re-Targeting are those ads that follow you around the internet till you make a purchase. You’re essentially working with a very high intent audience.
  2. Only 15% of Facebook users will watch a video with sound on, so be sure to make subtitles on your videos for higher engagement or for a much higher chance to go viral.
  3. Posts with emoticons receive 33% more engagement than those without!
  4. Posts tagged with other users or locations have much higher engagement rates on Instagram. Tagging users can increase engagement by 56% while using the geotag feature to tag locations can increase engagement by a whopping 79%!
  5. 93% of users on Pinterest use it to make purchases or plan future purchases – #Funfact: my first pin on Pinterest was a mustang
The Goal Of The Marketer

Why We Do What We Do?

  1. Build a strong online presence.
  2. Build a community of relevant followers.
  3. To separate you from the competition with great content, expertise, knowledge and results.
  4. To make it easier for potential customers to walk through the door and create a sense of familiarity. They’ve seen inside your store, they know what products you have, they know how much it costs, they know you do a great job, they know who the staff are, they know who your customer profile is and they know what your business is all about
  5. Maintain relationships with current customers
  6. Be seen buy new/ relevant potential customers
  7. Make it easier for customers to research your business, how many times have you searched a business and found squat on them?
Social Media Facts That Blow Your Mind

Getting More Technical

  1. 80/20 rule
  2. RAS
  3. Word of Mouth
  4. Branding
  5. SEO

Gary V talks about how social media marketing operates in 2018 and how you should use each social media platform to market your brand.

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