tSMN Social Media Coordinator Training – Onboarding & Setting Up New Clients

The Average Life Expectancy Of A Client Is 6 Months

The First Two Weeks Are The Most Important

It’s our job as Social Media Marketers to really wow the client. Because the first impression is everything. How do we create a Banging First impression? Easy:


  1. Transform the client’s social media page with amazing design, so speak to Babak or one of the graphic designers. If it doesn’t wow you, then the client won’t be wow’d either.
  2. When introducing yourself, be excited, passionate and communicate in a way that instills confidence.
  3. Research, research: Look at what the client has been posting, to understand their style and make it 1000x better. Also do research on what the competitors or doing and make it 1000x better. #FunFact:  Client’s are alway watching their competitors and the reason they hire us is so that we do, do a better job then them. Be 1 step a head of your client’s wants by really getting to know their industry. If you can nail your first 3 posts and write in a way that shows you know what you’re talking about, that’s where you win them over.
  4. Competitions early on to drive likes and engagements work really well. Or a damn good special! So when we do our ads, target the right people, the client is going to be wow’s that their one post reached over 1k people.
  5. Turn their Instagram account into a business profile, with a fully setup account.
Setup Area:

Facebook Setups

  1. Cover photo + Profile picture are a must. If you can get a HQ logo from your client, great! Photos are even better, that way the graphic designers have a lot to play with.
  2. The About Us section must be filled out, must also have an image. 9 times out of 10 you can grab an about us section from their website.
  3. Services Section should also be filled out. Must also include a Gif or image. Talk to graphic designers to set this up.
  4. Speak to your clients about Verifying your page. Better search rankings, helps with ads and adds credibility to your business.
  5. Must also make sure, the address, opening hours Facebook buttons, Facebook shops (if they have ecommerce or Voucher plus) and an auto responder message is active.


Design Is Probably The Most Important Thing In Marketing

What You Need To Know About Design

  1. An ugly, subpar Facebook page will do more damage to your page, brand & business than good. Imagine landing on an ugly page, how long will you stay on that page. In this day and age, everyone uses social media to search and research a company. Your client needs to be ready, your design needs to be sticky.
  2. It’s the best way to make a great first impression with your client and your fans.
  3. It also separates you from from all the competition.
  4. If you owned this business, would you love the design?
Instagram Setup Area

Instagram Setups

  1. Make sure you get the client’s Instagram details
  2. If you’re about to make a client an Instagram account from scratch, be sure they don’t already have one by searching for one
  3. Add a profile picture, fill in the username (If username is crappy, talk to your client and ask if you can change it), description, website. (no website link to Facebook)
  4. Set page as a business page
  5. Add services using the saved stories function, ask your graphic designer to create something. ie. Skin treatments, Make up services, laser hair removal, etc.



Why design matters.

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