Minto Fruit

Website: (No Website)
Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/WeAreMintoFruitOrchard/?fref=ts

Where to find photos:

Pinterest and Google are the best sources to find photos.

Types of pictures and content that work the best:

  • Fruit facts and health benefits
  • Vegetable fun facts and benefits
  • Recipes (meat, smoothies, quick meals, quick snacks, salads, healthy etc) – can be found on Pinterest or Google
  • Cheese plates, meat platters, fruit platters
  • Fruit smoothie inspiration

Please note:

  • It can be difficult coming up with unique posts every single time, so it is recommended that you repeat the same messaging, just written differently.
  • Please use a call to action to come in store for most photos
  • Page personality and voice: Fun, bubbly vibe, healthy
  • Please be talk about fruit that is in season as we live in Australia, Here is a link that you can use to know what fruits and Vegetables to talk about for each month: http://fredsfruit.com/whats-in-season/


Examples of Great Content:


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