Meet The Social Team!

Our team has been growing non stop since we started operations.
Want a career in social media? shoot us an email:

Marketing Director


I’m your go to guy for discussing strategy, setting direction and any enquiries about your account.

Sales Director


My role here at tSMN is more than just sales, my goal, it to ensure social media is right for your business and that we can deliver you a fantastic result.

Social Media Director


I’ve spent the last 7 years of my career solely focusing on social media strategy, I work closely with the social media team to ensure we’re driving ROI for all our clients.

Account Manager


I’m an all rounder in the office, you can talk to me about your account, social media, sms or even if you wanted to know more about our services. Learn more

Client Services


I’m here to assist the team and clients with administrative tasks.

Account Manager


I work with our clients to help define their brand online.

Social Media Manager


I’m a Social Media Manager at tSMN. Passion for photography and fashion.

Marketing Coordinator


I work in the social media team as a content coordinator. It’s my job to work with our clients to really understand your brand and all your services inside and out, as though I was practically a member of your marketing team!

Social Media Coordinator


I started at tSMN as an intern and am now apart of the team! Fun fact I prefer to use a Windows and not a Apple!

Marketing Coordinator


I started working here as an intern while I was studying and work here as a Marketing Coordinator. My main role here is community management and I work closely with our SMS Clients.

Videographer / Editor


I recently moved to Australia from Argentina, and I have a passion for photography and video.

Web Developer


It’s my job to build user friendly, awesome looking websites with superb functionality.

Web Developer / Designer


I’m a Web/ App Developer with 7 years + experience. There is no better feeling when a client loves the website I have built for them.

Graphic Designer


I have a background in architecture but I love graphic design!

Content Manager


My role at the company is to ensure all social media content is syndicated on the right platform in the right format at the right times!

Engagement & Growth


My role is to ensure your Instagram account engagement/ following and reach is consistently growing month on month.

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