I’m James,

Social Media Manager

at tSMN.


A major part of my role is writing and editing all the social media copy for both ads, and on page content. You would be surprised, but there are tips and tricks to increasing engagement with copy.

Content Creation & Strategy

Designing, researching, and planning content is a large part of my day to day role. When my eyes aren’t glued to photoshop or premier pro, I’m reviewing the content our team has created.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

One of my favourite parts of my role is working on social media ads. Working with strategy and thinking outside the box to get our clients results is incredibly enjoyable.

Team Leader, Training & Process Management

Our team is always growing and I have the privilege of working alongside, training and managing an amazing bunch of social media content creators.

About me
My Role At TSMN

I’ve been at TSMN for just under two years and have been fortunate enough to explore a diverse range of opportunities. As the Social Media Manager I look over all the content and copy we produce to ensure it is to the highest standard. I also work alongside the ads team in creating social media ads that get the results our clients need.

About me
My Perspective

Ever since I was 17 I have been obsessed with social media, particularly Instagram. Over the years it has provided me with a number of amazing opportunities, including my current role!

I’m excited to see where the future of social media goes, and am eager to learn more and improve.

What I’m Best At
Skills & Expertise

  • Content creation
  • Strategy & Implementation
  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Problem Solving
  • IG Growth Wiz

A little About Me
Fun Facts

  • I used to travel to Fashion Weeks around the world to take photos.
  • I have a dog named Pablo who I adore!
  • I’ve been told I talk a little too much about watches and clothes.
  • Very prone to hitting my head on door frames as I’m 6’5.
  • Fashion photography


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