Lollipops Parramatta

Lollipops Parramatta

Website: http://parramatta.lollipopsplayland.com.au/
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/2396346/lollipops-parramatta/ or https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/511322026/lollipops-playland-rosehill/
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Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/lollipopsparramatta/

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  • Lollipops Parramatta is a branch of the Lollipops Franchise and we can only use photos from the Parramatta venue only.
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On Monday: Parent’s bring your kids to Lollipops today and enjoy a cup of coffee while your kids have the time of their lives… you win, they win 😉

Next week Monday: We completely understand how difficult it is to find the time to really enjoy a cup of coffee when you’re a parent… but you can at lollipops!

Parents, while the kids are having a play, visit our café and let our resident barista sort you out!

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More Examples:

  1. Generic posts: If you want the perfect place for your kids to be kids every day, in a totally safe and friendly environment, Lollipop’s indoor kids’ play centre in Parramatta offers a fun experience for everyone!
  1. Your kids can let their imaginations run wild at Lollipops’ indoor play centre in Parramatta as we offer something to engage every youngster.
  1. Info Posts: We have allocated areas for different age groups from babies to school children (up to 11 years of age) promoting imagination, skills and active play.
  1. Opening times: Open 7 days a week, our fully air-conditioned venue has an exciting arena for your children to enjoy unlimited fun with giant slides, bouncy castles, a tea cup ride, huge climbing structure, code red laser, and an 8 metre high rock wall!
  1. Our modern equipment is safe and robust, and our comprehensive facilities include a dedicated toddlers area and fully functioning themed party rooms.
  1. Birthday and Party hire Posts: Exclusive private hire is also available) While the kids are having the time of their lives climbing, sliding, swinging and jumping to their hearts content you can chill out with a coffee in our café, where you’ll be catered for by our resident chefs and served by our well-trained baristas!
  1. Services Posts: Lollipop’s indoor play centre in Parramatta has everything your children could want for their ultimate happiness watched over by Lollipop’s caring and professional team.
  1. Pricing Posts: Not only your kids will enjoy themselves for hours on end, you’ll find our cost is flexible enough to suit every budget.


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