Finetune Mechanics

Website: http://www.finetunemechanics.com/
Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/finetunemechanics/?fref=ts

Where to find photos:

Google! We normally use stock photos we find on Google. The kind of posts we write are their services (full list of services can be found on their website), car maintenance tips, rego reminders (inspections for their pink slip), tyre replacements, etc.

Could you please break down your posts like this:
– 60% posts per week talking about their services (eg, get your car serviced, repairs, tyres need changing, changing your brakes, are you hearing clinks and bangs?, is your steering acting up on you, etc)
– 40% posts about Car Tips and maintenance tips or car fun facts

Please note:

  • It can be difficult coming up with unique posts every single time, so it is recommended that you repeat the same messaging, just written differently.
  • Feel free to use food quotes for captions with a call to action to come in store
  • Page personality and voice: professional, Experts in mechanical repairs
  • Please do not use any car memes, or any meme – we have been in trouble before


Examples of Great Content:


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