Exclusive Bus Hire

Website: http://www.exclusivebushire.com.au/
Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/exclusivebushire/?fref=ts

Where to find photos:

Pinterest and Google, from the Facebook page (there are many images of the Bus’s There) are the best sources to find photos.

Types of pictures and content that work the best:

  • Parties, dance clubs, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties
  • Wedding transportation for large groups
  • Hunter Valley Winery Tour, Hawkesbury River Valley Tour, Blue Mountains Scenic Tour, Historic Macarthur Tour (you can talk about things to do there and that exclusive bus hire can take you!)
  • Office function trips
  • Batchelor/ bachelorette party ideas with a call to action to book an exclusive bus
  • Taking your team to sports games
  • Posts about the business and what they do
  • Birthday party transportation for more then 10 people
  • Airport transport for more then 10 people

Please note:

  • It can be difficult coming up with unique posts every single time, so it is recommended that you repeat the same messaging, just written differently.
  • Please use a call to action to call and book their transportation
  • Page personality and voice: Fun, bubbly vibe
  • The business is basically a bus hire, where people can call and book a bus, van or car to drive you from one place to another. You can talk about anything that involves transporting more then 10 people
  • You can use the Tag “You drink, we drive” when you are talking about nights out


Examples of Great Content:

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