Croydon Lane Cronulla

Website: No website, Just Facebook.
Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/CroydonLaneWineAndTapasBar/?fref=ts


Where to find photos:

Dropbox Link full of photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/68o3jii1r7ecfsq/AAAkbtrABsGPdYuXLB0RAG18a?dl=0
Instagram (please credit the person if you select their image to use – see example content of how we do that):

Please note:

  • It can be difficult coming up with unique posts every single time, so it is recommended that you repeat the same messaging, just written differently.
  • Feel free to use food quotes for captions with a call to action to come in store
  • Page personality and voice: Fun, classy cocktail bar, drinks with friends, catchups parties, nights out
  • Croydon Lane has changed their menu, so we can’t use any food photos that are more then 3 months old, photos of people are fine
  • CroydonLane is open on Thursday-Sunday after 5pm. So posts that go out on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday can’t have a call to action unless it implies to come in during open times


Examples of Great Content:

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