tSMN Social Media Coordinator Training – Creating Content

Your Posts Are Only 60% Of The Role

There Are 3 Types Of Posts

There are 3 types of posts in the eyes of the client: Okay, NoWowYour role is to try to at least make your posts pop and impress your clients. And to create banging content is very easy:

  1. Follow the 80/20 rule – 80% of your posts should be about the services that the business offers and you MUST have a special in rotation as your hook  (this generates 90% of your enquires) / 20% of your posts should be interesting facts/ articles / tips & quotes / 5 Star review from a customer or something funny – These posts must be relevant. No cat pics.
  2. Diversify your content. Do not fall into the trap of constant repetition. For example: Food pic + 1 liner, food pic + 1 liner over and over again. Create a quote in canva, have a template made, share a fact about an ingredient, staff photos and profiles, write a fact about a drink they offer. Something to break up your content. If you do the same thing every day, the client will cancel. At the point thats on you.
  3. Do what the client can’t. Don’t just post a picture and a caption. You have tools like Canva and Befunky to make images more interesting. If you just take a photo that was given to you by a client, in their eyes they think “I can do this myself” or why am I paying for this service. Even though…  the ads drive all the results. They don’t care.
  4. We completely understand that when you use Canva over and over again it looks messy, so break up your posts 2-3 out of your posts should use Canva / or some sort of template. This is what the client is sold on.
  5. When you do a service post / special make sure the image has some sort of text that says what the service is.
  6. When creating your post for ads you can only have 20% text.
  7. Don’t be afraid to use a video every now and again, they get great engagement and they break up the posts.

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Common Mistakes That We Need To Avoid

What Not To Do

  1. Repetition: Avoid being a one trick pony and break up your content. With design/ videos / quotes / tips etc.
  2. Listen to your client. Don’t do the same strategy you do for another client and expect your client to like it.
  3. Stop copy pasting old content, especially if you posted it in the last 3 months, the followers don’t remember, but the client does.
  4. When copy pasting from another client, make sure the number is different, name and address is different.
  5. Don’t rush though posts, your client is reading every single one.
  6. When taking photos from Instagram, credit the person.
  7. Not looking to make your content better, social media is very dynamic and its always changing, your content should be evolving too. Priyanka and Larissa do this well.
  8. Using stock photos.
  9. Running out of photos, using old photos and not making the call to go do photography
  10. Using a pixelated logo for the sake of using a logo, if its ugly… don’t use it



Setting Up A New Client

How To WOW A Client In The First Week

The client hires you to be the voice of their business, they initially want a copy of themselves BUT A MUCH BETTER COPY. What does this mean?

  1. It means, look at what the client has posted previously, look at what services, look at how they posted, what images did they use and make it 100x better by using better images and Canva. Clients are lazy when it comes to social media, so if they have taken the time to post… that means what they posted about is very important to them. If their last few posts was about microdermabrasion or a revolutionary new service, DO NOT POST ABOUT A $35 spray tan.  – When your client loves you then you can mix up the services.
  2. Look at your clients competition, literally ask them who do you follow on Facebook and tell them you’re going to do a better job than them.
  3. Get a mean deal or competition. And boost the shit out of it from the get go.
  4. Imagine that this is your business, you’re the voice, show your passion.


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How To Structure A Post

Setting Up Your Post For Success

How to write a service post:

  1. Your first line needs to grab attention. It could be a question such as, Stop acne in its tracks! or Don’t you hate acne? 
  2. The next paragraph should explain the benefits of the service and how it can solve a problem.
  3. Your last sentance should be a call to action “For more information contact X or send us a message on social media etc”
  4. End the post with Location / website
  5. If you have the option to tag a product, then tag the product.
  6. Your image: should look professional and highlight what the service is.

Tips: Use #hashtags to highlight key points in your post.

Great examples of pages:








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Why design matters.