Facebook Advertising

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How Do I Get More Likes On My Facebook Business Page?

We keep getting asked by our clients, “Why do I need to put so much attention on Facebook?”. Simply put, there are over 12 million Australian users on Facebook and we can confidently say your audience is on Facebook.

But the main problem is, how do we go about getting ‘Likes’ on your Facebook page. Most of the fans on your Facebook business page are your family and friends. Hell, in the beginning, getting Facebook Likes is like pulling teeth. You do all this work making your page look fantastic, but there is no one on it.

This is exactly why you need; your own Facebook advertising campaign.

Why is Facebook Advertising So Important for your business?

Facebook advertising is the only way to effectively build a large number of Likes to your page in a short amount of time. Community management will nurture your community towards a sale over time through posting relevant content, however organic growth in this situation can be quite slow for some and can take months for a significant growth in your community.


All our Social Media packages include an advertising budget, this ensures your community grows every month

Facebook Advertising is the most targeted form of digital advertising out there. When advertising in Facebook, you can set targeting parameters to include such information as:

  • Age
  • Geographical location
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Employment industries
  • Peoples specific interests (the real crux behind targeting)
  • People in specific groups
  • Or even your competitors fans! (our little secret)

This simply means that Facebook allows you to advertise to a specific group of targeted users. This ensures that you do not waste time and money advertising to the wrong target market. Your ads will be seen exactly by the people who are potential customers.

Your Facebook advertising campaign allows you to promote your products or services through a PPC (pay per click) bid Metric. This ensures that level of ROI you receive is respective to your budget.

Niche Targeting

Facebook campaigns allow businesses to choose specific demographics as their target, a feature that helps maximize the returns from your Facebook marketing campaign. Since people have input details like their identities, where they live, things they like and don’t and their behavior can be determined or derived from their listed hobbies or ‘status updates’.

Get in touch with our support team for quotes for your Facebook marketing campaign, our professionals will guide you through the advertising campaigns. The costs vary depending on whether you want to generate external links to your website and how much you are willing to invest in Facebook advertising. We will keep you updated on the progress of the campaigns.


What You Can Expect With Our Facebook Advertising Services

  • More targeted Facebook Likes to your business/ product page
  • More traffic to your Business Page
  • We will create your Facebook Ad and write your ‘Copy’
  • A targeting strategy to ensure we are seen by your potential customers
  • Build buzz around your brand
  • More engagement and sales
  • Reporting and optimisations to ensure a high ROI